Shanglun Wu, MSc

MSc student


Shanglun Wu is a Health Data Scientist currently pursuing his Master's degree at the Institute of Health Informatics (IHI) at University College London (UCL). With a strong background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Shanglun is skilled in using programming languages such as Python and Java to process and analyze data. Throughout his academic career, Shanglun has shown a keen interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and has been working towards becoming an expert in this field. He has gained experience in developing NLP models for various applications, such as sentiment analysis, text classification, and text generation. Shanglun has also contributed to several research projects in the field of health informatics, including developing predictive models for patient outcomes and analyzing electronic health records. In addition to his academic pursuits, Shanglun has also been actively involved in various extracurricular activities. He has volunteered with organizations that provide healthcare services to underserved communities and has also mentored undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in data science. With his strong technical skills, passion for NLP, and commitment to positively impacting society, Shanglun is poised to make significant contributions to the field of health informatics in the years to come.

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MSc Student, University College London



BSc in CS and AI, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

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