Anita Szabo, MSci

Bioinformatics Research Assistant


My main research interest is in identifying genetic variants causing inherited diseases. In my current project I work with rare inherited retinal diseases at UCL Institute of Ophthalmology in collaboration with Moorfields Eye Hospital. I am driven by the possibilities of how computational analysis of genetic data can make a significant improvement in our healthcare, making a positive difference in the patients' conditions.

Curriculum Vitae

Dec 2020-now


Bioinformatics Research Assistant, University College London, Institute of Ophthalmology.

March 2020-Nov 2020


Bioinformatics Intern, Newcastle University, Bioinformatics Support Unit.

May 2019-Dec 2019


Trial Technician, Newcastle University.

Sept 2018-Sept 2019


MSc Bioinformatics, Newcastle University.

Sept 2012-Jul 2015


BSc Biology, University of Debrecen.

Research Projects


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