Advaith Veturi, MSc

Honorary Research Assistant


My main research interest is in machine learning and deep learning for medical image analysis. I am working specifically on the SynthEye project which uses GANs for synthetic data generation of ophthalmic images. This is building upon the work I did during my Master's degree in Machine Learning at UCL. Prior to this, I completed my undergraduate degree in Applied Medical Sciences in 2020, also at UCL. Having a foundation in a biomedical background, I have naturally been inclined towards using machine learning and AI specifically for developing novel medical solutions. To share this passion, I also have my own website Machine Learning and Me where I like to discuss biomedical and AI related concepts.

Curriculum Vitae



MSc Machine Learning, University College London



BSc Applied Medical Sciences, University College London

Research Projects


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Medical Image Quality Metrics for Retinal Scans

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